How to be a registered bidder

Step 1

Visit and click on REGISTER

Step 2

Complete the form that appears and click on SUBMIT

Step 3

After clicking on submit the Login window appears and after it appears put in your credentials and LOGIN.

Step 4

After logging in you are required to update your company profile. Please note that the details that you enter here are the ones which will appear in the Gazette. After completing click on UPDATE.

Step 5

After updating your company profile, you are taken to the dashboard where you are required to upload your company documents. Please note that the documents should be in .pdf format and must be less than 5mb for it to upload.

Step 6

After uploading the documents, the status changes from pending to uploaded. If you have uploaded the wrong document, click on edit and change the document. After uploading the documents click on ADD CATEGORY.

Step 7

Click on Select Category

Select the category you want and click the add sign. After clicking the add sign you are prompted to select the currency and the registration year ten click add.

Step 8

After completing category selection this window appears. You can click on PRINT INVOICE to view the banking details. Click on MAKE PAYMENT to view the payments options.
Select the method of payment you want to use

Methods of payments

1. Using Ecocash or One money

Step 1

Select the ECOCASH or ONE MONEY OPTION and the following will pop up;

Enter the ECOCASH number and the amount which is less than 5000RTGS

Step 2

Confirm your password on your phone and check the system for the payment

2. Using Bank transfers

Step 1

Make your transfer at the bank first the come with the Transaction Reference Number to the portal

Step 2

Select the internal balance option and the following will pop up;


Step 3

Enter the Transaction Reference Number and click on SUBMIT

If successful you get a success message but if not follow Step 4

Step 4

Attach the Proof of Payment and enter your Bank Name and click on Confirm and then wait for verification by the finance Department.