Board Members

The operations of the Authority is managed and directed by a Board consisting of seven or nine members appointed, in terms of Section 8 of the Act [Cap 22:23], by the Minister after consultation with the President, for their knowledge and experience in procurement and various relevant disciplines.

The Chief Executive Officer serves as secretariat of the Board and is responsible, subject to the Board’s control, for administering the Authority’s affairs and any other functions that may be conferred or imposed upon him or her by or under the Act or that the Board may assign to him or her.

Board Members are listed below:

1 Mrs V. Nyemba Chairperson
2Amb. B.D. MothobiVice-Chairperson
3Mrs N. Moyo Member
4Rtd. Col J. MhakayakoraMember
5Rtd Brigadier Dr. T. U. WusheMember
6Eng. C. NyachoweMember
7Mrs R. NhamoMember
8Mrs O. MurasiMember


The Board is supported by a professional staff complement (Secretariat) headed by the Chief Executive Officer. The staff works to exact deadlines in order to ensure that the Board has the needed information to make decisions.