Procurement Planning


Procurement planning is the process whereby Accounting Officers define their procurement requirements, the method of procurement to be used and the timeframes for delivery.

The Act [CAP 22:23] requires as follows:-

Planning of procurement

 In terms of Section 21 (1) of the Act, a procuring entity shall plan its procurement with a view to achieving maximum value for public expenditure, so that the procurement is carried out within available financial resources and other applicable limitations and at the most favourable time.

In terms of Section 21 (2), a procuring entity shall aggregate its procurement requirements in order to achieve economies of scale and shall use framework agreements where appropriate.

Before commencing any procurement process, a procuring entity shall investigate whether or not its requirements can be met internally, ensure that an accurate estimate has been prepared of the cost of the procurement process, including the price of the procurement requirement and the cost of contingencies that may reasonably be expected to arise under the procurement contract; and ensure that the amount of the estimate required has been properly covered in the entity’s budget for the current financial year.

Annual procurement plan

Section 22 of the Act requires that:-

  • For each financial year and no later than one month after the end of such, a procuring entity shall prepare a procurement plan in accordance with a template prepared by the Authority and forward the plan without delay to the Authority.
  • The Authority and the procuring entity shall publish, in summary form, the list of goods, construction works and services included in the entity’s annual plan for procurement during the coming financial year.

Individual Procurement Plan

Section 23 of the Act requires that:-

  • In addition to its annual procurement plan prepared in terms of Section 22, a procuring entity shall prepare an individual procurement plan for each individual procurement in accordance with a template prepared by the Authority and contain at least such information as may be prescribed;
  • The procuring entity shall forward the plan to the Authority.

The Authority shall publish on its website every plan forwarded to it in terms of Section 23 (1) of the Act.

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